Origami, Old Friends, and Menstruation: How the Japanese Art of Paper Folding and a Facebook Post Changed My Life

Some things you don’t appreciate until years later. Like, your mother’s teachings from childhood and Facebook keeping you in touch with college friends.

A couple months ago, a college mate, Pauline, wrote a Facebook post pondering the usefulness of the menstrual cup.  I had been considering trying it, but was waiting on someone I trusted to try it and tell me about her experience. After reading rave reviews from some of Pauline’s friends, I decided to be the change I wished to see in the world.

I immediately ordered the $14 Blossom Cup from Amazon; in PINK, of course. PINK makes everything better. I ordered the large cup because of my heavy flow and wide-set vagina. Also, because my GYN once told me I have a long box (which, if nothing else, partly explains why I married my husband).

The PINK cup came in a little box and included a nice little pink and white polka dot bag for storage. It also came with an instruction manual.

This post is a first in a series about my (and Juicy J’s) almost-in-real-time experience with the Blossom Cup.


Day 1, 10:00 pm

I just shoved this thing up my LadyBits. It was a doozy getting it all the way up in there. I guess I’m tight (blessed be). Maybe my vagina isn’t as wide-set as I thought. I don’t know if it’s in there right. I tried Fold C, the origami fold, and did a lot of wiggling, pulling, and pinching to adjust it (as the directions say you may have to do). I decided to put on a big, 20th century old lady maxi pad just in case. I guess I’ll know at some point during the night whether it’s “suctioned” properly. I don’t feel anything. At first I did, until I poked and prodded. One of the comments on Pauline’s post said you shouldn’t feel anything. Here’s hoping I got it right and it’s not sitting haphazardly, un-origami-ed in my panty.

Putting it in was no treat. Certainly shoving a semi-wide silicone cup up your birth canal while blood is trickling doesn’t win this process any sanitation or comfortability points. Some comfortability points are being earned back as I sit and feel absolutely nothing (except this big ass pad). Unless this thing slips in better on heavier days, I imagine a mini massacre in the bathroom tomorrow. Until then.

Sitting and Waiting…on disaster.

Stay tuned for the Day 2 heavy-flow experience.

Photo Source. (1) Google Images (2) The Dr. Mrs.